Petaling Jaya – TV3 humanitarian documentary series, Bersamamu, received its international premiere when it was screened at the 3rd Deauville Green Awards. The series was also nominated for Best Documentary Film, under the Corporate Sponsorship and Humanitarian Help category.

Bersamamu was shortlisted from a total of 250 entries from over 30 countries. The programme was screened to the public, press and panel of jury on June 17 at Cinéma Morny. One of the highest-rated programmes on TV3, the programme showcases the plight faced by less fortunate individuals and families plagued by poverty, chronic illnesses, abuse, and other ill-fated circumstances. The episode screened in Deauville is part of the “Penuhi Impian” series, where the programme fulfils the wish of 16-year-old Muhammad Amiruddin Abdullah diagnosed with neurofibroma, who harbours a dream of going to the Legoland Theme Park in Johor, Malaysia.

Bersamamu producer, Mazlin Nordin, viewed the international recognition achievement as her proudest achievement throughout her 23-year stint at TV3 and Primeworks Studios. She shared, “Producing Bersamamu is something I keep close to my heart, because even when the cameras stop rolling, our yearning to help still continues. We keep ourselves updated with the lives of the families, and offer support wherever we can. The Bersamamu team believes in lending a hand to help ease the burden, and that is the true beauty of working on this humanitarian programme.”