Brendan’s story is a deeply personal quest to solve a murderous family mystery.

Sheridan Smith

Sheridan has grown up surrounded by a musical family, she’s on a hunt to find out where it all started.

Mary Berry

Mary wants to know where – at 79 – her energy and drive comes from, her journey reveals some unexpected and familiar twists and turns.

Martin Shaw

Martin never knew his grandfather. An old photograph kick starts a journey to uncover who he was.

Reggie Yates

Reggie grew up knowing very little about his father’s side of the family. A trip back to Ghana reveals a complex family history where Ghanaian culture and British colonialism collide.


Twiggy grew up in a close knit family in London – but admits that her parents told her nothing at all about her family. Her adventure reveals a colourful cast of characters.

Billy Connolly

Billy has always considered himself Scottish through and through – but discovers that his ancestry is considerably more exotic.