“2D and 3D animation content provide an opportunity for local studios to become major players in the global arena. Take for example, Ribbit, KRU’s first animation feature film, – it has been sold to more than 80 countries and will be having its World Premiere screening at The Niagara Integrated Film Festival in Canada on June 21, 2014. Kartun Studios will be producing three animation films, 130 3D animation series and 130 2D animation series within the next five years” said Abdul Halim.

Kartun Studios will create an estimated 1,000 new job opportunities with the production of its 2D and 3D animation slate. Currently, KRU Academy is home to 200 students taking their Diploma Kemahiran Malaysia (Malaysia Skills Diploma), certified by the Ministry of Education Malaysia and the Department of Skills Development Malaysia. Its intake is expected to increase to 300 students within the next one year. Notwithstanding this, KRU Academy is committed to increasing the awareness of the Creative Industry and will continue delivering a combination of informative demos, talks and hands-on workshop sessions in high schools through its programme “Kreatif X Press”.