On working in a male dominated society in South Korea, Sung-Joo comments, “There were not many women at this level and men were extremely uncomfortable seeing women out there. It’s very hard to penetrate that kind of not just a glass ceiling, for me it was like a concrete ceiling.”

As well as encouraging young female entrepreneurs, Sung-Joo set up her own Charitable Foundation to benefit the social wellbeing of women around the world. When discussing her foundation, Sung-Joo comments, “We want to encourage women to gain confidence, empower them economically and contribute something back to society.”

In this episode, Tania also attends the MCM Charity Gala in Hong Kong where she speaks to actress Cecilia Cheung, Cathy Lee, and the supermodel Jocelyn Luko. The programme also features comments from Prince Albert of Monaco, who talks about the importance of Sung-Joo’s philanthropic contribution.

CNBC Meets will broadcast on 7 June, 5pm (SIN/HK), with repeats on June 8 at 7pm (SIN/HK).