Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited (ZEEL), the television network with 700+ million viewers in 170 countries announced on May 19 the launch of its new channel in India – Zindagi. The launch of Zindagi reinforces the vision of ZEEL’s corporate philosophy ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam – The world is my family’ and aims to unite people in India and across the world with shows produced overseas. Launching on June 23, it is a first ever national launch for a Hindi language channel as the company believes that the stories showcased on this channel will have an appeal even in Southern India. Zindagi kicks off with the collection of the best shows picked from across the border that embrace universal emotions.

Targeted at family viewing with today’s Indian sensibilities of wanting to balance household responsibilities and at the same time, creating one’s own identity, the channel is set to infuse fresh storytelling to the Indian television industry. The channel proposition ‘Jodey Dilon Ko’ is based on the fact that even if people across the globe are culturally different, the stories of their lives are universal. Zindagi aims to showcase real, friendly, vibrant and premium stories of those from across the world that share similar cultural backgrounds, morals and values that are also intrinsic to India. It is set to bring in a brand new entertainment experience for audiences in India as well as across the world with its selective programming content such as fiction shows with mass relevance in India and stories that mainly dwell in romance, love and family drama. With the launch of another Hindi GEC – Zindagi, ZEEL is further strengthening its position in the Indian Entertainment domain.

Commenting on the launch, Punit Goenka, MD and CEO of Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited said, “The launch of Zindagi is significant in many ways. It is a step forward to further expand the ZEEL Network in India and overseas. This channel is a first in its category of GECs and another first that Zee is trying to bring to its viewers. It will offer alternative fiction content suitable for Indian sensibilities and produced by content creators from around the world. We believe that culture and talent should not be bound by any barriers.