Seoul, Korea – CJ E&M announced on May 20 that it will co-produce the drama We Are Men 2 with Chinese firm Giant Media Co., Ltd. Starring Korean and Chinese actors Park Hae-jin, Zhang Liang, and Fu Xinbo, the drama is scheduled to air in 2015. Chinese director Tan Ruru, who also directed We Are Men, will be in charge of producing the 36-episode drama.

Aired by Zhe Jiang Satellite TV in 2011, the first season of We Are Men, which portrayed the professional and romantic lives of three men from different backgrounds, recorded hit ratings in China, even being dubbed the male version of Sex and the City. Announcement of the launch of We Are Men 2 has already caused a stir among Chinese fans thanks in large part to the casting of Korean actor Park Hae-jin, who is widely popular in China for his starring roles in the hit TV dramas Duo Duo’s Marriage aired by Hunan TV in 2011 and My Love from the Star.