Do Me a Favour

Sorayuth Sagrikananda, Foreign Relations Manager of Zense Entertainment said: “At Zense Entertainment Production Company we believe in the importance of international content market and we treasure Israel and Armoza for giving so many and so diverse great TV formats to viewers all around the world. We hope that this partnership on Do Me a Favour will be the beginning of a prosperous relationship between our two companies.”

Avi Armoza, CEO of Armoza Formats said: “Asia is a very important market, and as we continue to focus on this key region, we are proud to be working with Zense who also have a lot of expertise in producing fun and entertaining shows.

We are often placed in the situation where we need to rely on strangers for small favours, and Do Me a Favour takes this to the extreme and tests how far strangers will really go to help other people, making for extremely fun and humorous viewing.”