Girl Eats Food: Joanna Fuertes-Knight is an open-minded home cook meets cynical food host who takes viewers on an investigative journey through Britain’s contemporary food trends. On this season of Girl Eats Food, Joanna ditches cooking in the kitchen and heads out on the streets in search of the dishes and makers behind the odd side of London’s culinary scene, from uncovering fruit bat soup in the secret side of London’s Chinatown to meeting bedroom molecular gastronomists and trying her hand in the cutthroat circuit of pop-up restaurants.

Being Frank: Frank Falcinelli and Frank Castronovo are two humbly successful restaurant partners from Queens, New York who have stumbled into the epicentre of the global food conversation despite their old-school establishments. Even though their neighbourhood restaurants are not considered “part of the fine dining scene”, the Franks rub elbows with billionaires, the culinary elite and the likes of Martha Stewart and provide a gateway into the private world of the global culinary scene, teasing out exclusive moments with some of the most ground breaking players on the international food stage. This season sees our hosts speak at a food symposium in Copenhagen, source restaurant ingredients in the mountains of Sicily, and host exclusive dinners for René Redzepi and Enrique Olvera.

F*ck, That’s Delicious: Chef turned rapper, Action Bronson is a globe-trotting musician who finds the time to cook homemade lamb burgers when he’s not jotting down rap lyrics in the recording studio. Between his onstage antics of distributing shopping bags full of steaks to fans and cooking in some of the world’s best kitchens before concerts, F*ck, That’s Delicioushighlights the performer’s intimate knowledge of global cuisine. This season, Action takes viewers on his musical tour as he explores local cuisines in South Africa, New Zealand, Japan, Macedonia and Croatia to break bread with fellow performers, chefs, local fishermen…and his Macedonian grandmother.

Keith Hindle, CEO Digital & Branded Entertainment, FremantleMedia commented: “Munchies’ programming brings the bold and compelling aesthetic of VICE to the hugely important area of food and its place in our daily lives. We’re really proud of it and look forward to developing more great content for both online and for broadcasters around the world.”

Longer-term ambitions for Munchies include experiential activities such as festivals and tastings; mobile extensions such as apps and a ‘food locator’ concierge service; social activity including full Facebook integration and UGC reviews and contributions; and licensed merchandise.