Hopkins said in his official statement on Hulu’s blog: “Craig is the perfect guy for the job – he has been developing shows and programming networks for over 20 years. He has impressed me and others who’ve met him with his collaborative approach, humility and tenacity to do what he believes. And not only is he excited about the work itself, but I know that he is especially looking forward to meeting all of you…oh, and ditching an office for Hulu’s open work spaces.”

In addition to acquiring recent significant library deals with CBS for Elementary and Blue Bloods, and ABC for Nashville, Hulu and Hulu Plus will launch several original shows this year, including Deadbeat on April 9 and The Awesomes season two this summer. Hulu and Hulu Plus now has content from 514 content partners, providing over 89,000 TV episodes, 3,040 TV series, and over 70,400 hours of video.