Following the success of its kid’s series Prank Patrol Australia, the team at activeTV will offer up a new brand of comedy to Australian kids with the debut of Wacky World Beaters on April 6 at 5.50pm on ABC3.

Wacky World Beaters is a 20 x 30’ kid’s factual series featuring two highly competitive, slightly zany Hosts who set off on a global discovery tour of wacky competitions. Their mission? To find the world’s ultimate wacky sport! In this hilarious, action packed series, Amberley and Gilly compete against the world’s best…and each other while uncovering amazing people, culture and history wherever they go.

“We are proud to deliver up a highly entertaining series which will take viewers to places they’ve never seen while uncovering zany competitions they never dreamed of,” said Executive Producer Amanda Peppard. “Equally we’re really excited to showcase much-loved children’s Host Amberley Lobo in some very wacky situations alongside newcomer William Gill who has to be one of the funniest young guys you’ll see on children’s TV.”