National Geographic Channels International has announced the co-production of Comet of the Century from Darlow Smithson Productions. The series will premiere in November in 170 countries.

Premiering across Hong Kong and Southeast Asia this on November 24, 2013 on the National Geographic Channel, Comet of the Century offers viewers a front row seat to this event. With breath-taking images captured using cutting edge technology, audiences come as close to our new comet as the world’s most complex and high-tech telescopes can bring them. Following world-class scientists who are tracking ISON’s every move to glean key insight into this comet, the special illuminates the cosmic secrets hidden on and beneath ISON’s surface. Along the way, it also highlights ISON’s origins, what will happen on its trajectory around the sun and planet Earth, and mankind’s fiery relationship with epic comet phenomena. 

Comet of the Century brilliantly illuminates comet ISON – a rare, spectacular wonder, which can capture the imagination of viewers around the world,” said Hamish Mykura, Executive Vice President and Head of International Content for NGCI.