“CN Watch and Play represents a genuine milestone for both Cartoon Network and the branded content industry in Asia,” comments Jeremy Carr, Turner International’s Vice President of Entertainment Digital and Syndication, Asia Pacific. “The app provides a second screen experience with a twist. For the first time, there is a mobile platform that truly provides kids with the kind of engagement they desperately seek.”

Through an authentication function, the app also offers pay-TV providers the chance to offer their subscribers another way to stream live Cartoon Network content. “This is a very exciting development, as we’re always looking to develop new ways for our fans to connect with our content. Right now, users can view clips and the occasional scheduled episode, whilst playing a game on the same screen. We’re currently working with several partners in customising an authenticated pay-TV subscriber approach with CN Watch and Play, where real-time TV on-the-go becomes a reality,” Carr adds.

CN Watch and Play comes loaded with hundreds of clips and a stack of games. Along with the network’s most popular shows on the go, including Adventure TimeRegular Show, Ben 10 and The Amazing World of Gumball, the app includes new and exciting games such as Karate Wieners and Primus Overide. Users can collect “DNA” reward points for using the app, which they can use to unlock collectible character cards.