Noida, India – Shagun TV, a new television channel headquartered in India’s capital, is set to offer 24-hour matrimonial reality content. This leverages on the Indian wedding market – valued at an estimated $38 billion a year and expected to grow 25-30% annually, according to the Times Colonist.

Shagun TV’s current programming includes a bridal makeover show, a show featuring honeymoon destinations and one on the often-fraught relationship between mothers and daughters-in-law, with marriage-themed soap operas soon to come, added the report

The show is designed as a “pre-marriage therapy session,” said Anuranjan Jha, Shagun TV’s managing director. But its aim is not to create drama, but “to help in guiding how to lead a good life,” he said.

Shagun TV says its aim is to give middle-class Indians who want to be in the spotlight a platform. Couples shell out between $11,000 and $19,000 to showcase their multi-day wedding festivities on the channel — with the price depending on how many nights of the celebration they want aired, added the report.