Dr. Rajamani, Senior Vice President of Indian Consumer Business at Astro said: “There is a strong interest amongst our customers for High Definition Tamil content and in efforts to meet their viewing needs, we are excited to introduce Vinmeen HD, Southeast Asia’s first 24-hour Tamil HD channel offering quality, wholesome HD entertainment for the entire family. The ways in which our Indian customers watch TV and movies have changed immeasurably in the past years, as such, we’re progressing to offer a variety of content via various platforms including offering selected programmes via Astro On-The-Go, our OTT service.”

Vinmeen HD offers new, local and international content such as Ramayanam, Fear Files, Bipasha Basu Aerobics, an aerobics show featuring famous Bollywood actress Bipasha Basu, Auto ShowTherintha Kovil Theriyatha Puranam, Parampariya Samayal, Naan Thaan Vallavar; a mixture of Fear Factor and The Amazing RaceIyarkai Thedi. Also, upcoming shows such as Thadam; a show that traces back the ancestral roots of Indians who has migrated to countries outside India and lost their roots; Evening Talk Show on weekdays will focus on the latest happenings locally and internationally. 

Vinmeen HD joins Astro’s bouquet of 37 HD channels of various genres and languages.