The report also found that on mobile, the top ten most popular languages are English, Spanish, Arabic, Korean, Indonesian, French, Portuguese, German, Turkish and Malay.

Razmig Hovaghimian, Viki’s CEO and co-founder, said the report helps to inform platform partners of viewer behavioural patterns. “We’re essentially mapping the content graph, where for the first time content owners can see, globally, who is watching, where, how and in what language. For example, we can see that short-form is performing best in Arabic and English, and a third of viewers in the Philippines prefer to watch TV and movies on mobile in English. These invaluable insights help our partners identify opportunities in key markets and make smarter programming decisions.”

Tammy Nam, Chief Marketing Officer of Viki, adds that the mobile video report included data collected from internal Viki analytics, Flurry and Google Analytics. “Through an analytics dashboard, select partners also gain valuable insight into how people are consuming their content from various countries, subtitle languages and platforms.”

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