Hong Kong – ABC’s Last Resort is premiering on AXN Asia in October, the same week as the U.S. telecast.

Filmed in Hawaii, viewers are thrust right into the world of the U.S.S. Colorado, the most powerful nuclear submarine ever built. The series stars the Emmy-winning Andre Braugher (Men of a Certain Age), Scott Speedman (Underworld), Daisy Betts (Persons Unknown) and Robert Patrick (Terminator 2: Judgement Day). As the captain, Braugher’s Marcus Chaplin cuts a commanding figure, but his authority was revoked when he questioned a dubious order to fire nuclear weapons at Pakistan, received over a communication channel designed to be used only if the U.S. homeland had been wiped out.

Speedman’s XO Sam Kendal steps in as second-in-command. When he stood by his captain’s decision, the crew of the Colorado find themselves fired upon by their own country. With nowhere to run to, the crew seeks refuge on an island and meanwhile, takes over a NATO outpost and declares war on the U.S.