Beyond has confirmed a total sales volume that adds up to 650 hours for the past six months in mostly factual and children’s content. Key production companies include Beyond, Whalley-Abbey Media, Greenstone, Rockhopper TV, Castlewood Productions, RTR Media, among others.

A significant package deal which totals 100 hours of lifestyle programming has been confirmed with Fetch TV in Australia. Shows in this package includes The Stagers, All for One With Debbie Travis, Burn My Mortgage, Buy Me, My Parents’ House, Maxed Out and Debbie Travis’ Painted House.

Also, crime programming such as Dark Minds, Deadly Women, Deadly Women: Killer Countdown, Facing Evil and Behind Mansion Walls is secured by Foxtel with SBS Australia securing the latest series of MythBusters plus the MythBusters Green Screen Specials. The Living Channel New Zealand picked up the 11th series of Hot Property with XYZ Networks Australia securing series 12. ABC Australia has licensed Wild Animal Baby Explorers and SBS Australia secured Monster Bug Wars.