New York – NHK World TV has expanded its distribution in the New York ADI and is now available to Comcast subscribers on Channel 265.

As a part of this new rollout to New York, NHK WORLD TV will be airing “Surviving the Tsunami”, a Peabody award-winning documentary that chronicles the March 2011 Japan earthquake. This special will also be available to New York area Time Warner Cable and Verizon FiOS subscribers, both of which carry NHK WORLD TV.

NHK WORLD TV debuted in New York in April as a digital broadcast through a dedicated, over-the-air channel on Regional News Network (WRNN – Channel 48.5). WRNN also airs Newsline, NHK WORLD TV’s 30 minutes newscast covering Japan, Asian and international news. NHK WORLD TV is also available in HD to NYC area Time Warner Cable subscribers (Channel 771 in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn and Staten Island, Channel 792 in  Mount Vernon, Bergen and Hudson Counties, NJ and the Hudson Valley) and to area Verizon FiOS customers on Channel 482.