Hong Kong – Multichannel TV continues to make inroads across the Asia Pacific. Simon Twiston Davies, CEO, Casbaa said there are now more homes with Pay-TV in the region than the rest of the world combined. He added that there are more than 420 million non-terrestrial TV connections being logged across the region today. At the four-day event, developing markets, India and China, again took centre stage. For the rapidly growing India market, it is believed digitization will lead to a huge amount of localization and value-added services being introduced. In China’s case, Liang Xiao Tao, President, CITVC, described how TV audiences are evolving in the country, and how more open policies on broadcasting are likely to see a shift away from the dominance of big players. But there are still challenges that stand in the way for the industry. Consumers today demand content everywhere and anytime. As such, the industry is combining technologies to get the best solutions for all the devices available now. The challenge is in revising pay TV business models that will be just as valid in a world of multiple devices as it is to when the industry was just a box in the living room.