Sydney – Beyond Distribution has secured the international sales rights to UK producers True North Productions new series Dick ‘n’ Dom Go Wild! Launching at MIP, this is True North’s first children’s production and also marks the first time they are partnering with Beyond. Dick ‘n’ Dom Go Wild (20 x 30′) goes ‘backstage’ at some of the UK’s busiest vets, wildlife hospitals and animal sanctuaries. Dick and Dom team up with kids who volunteer to get mucky, stinky, wet and smelly as they rise to the challenge of helping animals in need. Some of the kids aren’t animal lovers and some find British wildlife downright boring, but the boys are determined to change their minds. When they come face to face with these creatures the kids develop a new respect and love for the animals they encounter. Dick and Dom roll up their sleeves as well and get stuck in with a series of funny challenges and informative sketches.