March 2011

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  • Philippines: Battle royale

    Television entertainment is heating up in the Philippines as a third – and reenergised – contender vies to take a decent serving of the TV-watching paella. Tessa Jazmines finds out how these heavyweights are faring in this battle for ratings glory.... Read More

  • India: A force to reckon with

    Television broadcasting in India is continuing to expand, offering viewers a varied choice across a range of genres. For a market that has more than 500 TV channels and counting, this poses deeper challenges for advertisers and media agencies. Ritesh Gupta explains.... Read More


  • Pitchin’ in

    A man who finds out he’s dead, a class of rural Chinese students learning the prose of Shakespeare and a group of Indian filmmakers who make movies for ‘the hell of it’, are just a selection of the fascinating local stories unearthed by The Asian Pitch! TVAPlus finds out how the event – now in its fifth year – has helped put Asian documentaries on the map.... Read More

  • Senior benefits

    New Australian doco gives age a whole new meaning.... Read More

  • Defining Asia

    Documentary making in Asia is now a force to be reckoned with; independent producers and the big broadcasters are busy feeding the international market’s fascination with stories from the region. But are these programmes also serving the local audience? Marc Checkley asks some of those at the coal face how they’re targeting viewers closer to home.... Read More


  • Securing the Game

    New delivery mediums such as the Internet and mobile are providing new markets for traditional broadcasters and sports content rights owners through live streaming, but piracy remains a concern. Melody Uy finds out how digital content protection is helping content providers stay ahead of the game.... Read More


  • Making the right connection

    Television entertainment today has transformed from a single entity to a multi-node platform, this in turn has led to consumers wanting and expecting more from their content providers. But with so many media devices now available, securing that content is of even greater importance. Sue Taylor explains the benefits of being “Over the Top” (OTT).... Read More

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