June – July 2011

Cover Story


  • Driving mobile business

    The Asia-Pacifi c is expected to lead the way in the mobile-TV market, owing to rapid development in countries like China, India, Singapore and South Korea, and the escalating market demand for television content on the move. Arvind Venkateswaran examines how stakeholders can maximise business in the region’s mobile entertainment explosion.... Read More


  • Good news!

    This year marks the 20th anniversary of BBC World News. On the face of it, 1991 doesn’t seem an especially long time ago, but in that time a remarkable revolution has taken place in newsgathering. Richard Porter, acting Controller of English at BBC Global News explains that nowhere are these changes more marked than in Asia.... Read More

  • Open for business

    With broadband access and media technologies being enthusiastically embraced by consumers in India, television broadcasters there can’t afford to air out of date concepts or ignore emerging digital trends. Different stakeholders, be it for broadcasters or TV production companies, have been openly embracing change and technology.... Read More

  • The global frontier

    Discovery Communications Inc. (DCI) had a bumper crop in 2010, with major channel launches and new original programming, which culminated in a 7 per cent increase, from the previous year, in viewership across the U.S – its biggest gain yet. But 25 years after its inception, Discovery’s movers and shakers are seeing content opportunities on a more global scale.... Read More


  • War on two fronts

    Timing is everything. As the web video market grows, driven by growth in smartphones, tablets, web-connected games consoles and connected TVs, so Google is ratcheting up its technology and content investment in YouTube. But the challenge for Google is that everyone else is also. Ovum’s Adrian Drury charts the challenges ahead.... Read More

Country Focus

  • Rocky road

    Japan has been hit hard this year. Just as its economy begun showing signs of recovery it was rocked by an earthquake and tsunami that wreaked havoc in the country’s north-east. To top it off the Fukushima power plant was damaged and in its wake brought fears of a nuclear meltdown. All this has rattled the country’s channels, content producers and advertisers as well as the national initiative to make the switch to digital. TV ASIA Plus looks at the recovery in the aftermath of the quake.... Read More

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