MediaCorp, Singapore’s national broadcaster and leading media company will be moving from its present Caldecott Hill premises to Mediapolis, Singapore’s first digital media hub located at one-north. MediaCorp had, in 2006, announced its move to a site in Bukit Batok but the plan was shelved due to high construction costs and the onset of the economic crisis. In light of the global economic recovery and advent of new options, the move to a new campus regained traction. MediaCorp will be a major player and an anchor tenant at Mediapolis, occupying 1.5 hectares of land area with an estimated Gross Floor Area of 79,500 sq m (see Annex 1 & 2). While the design of the new complex has yet to be decided, the infrastructure will be high-rise in nature with the television studios and theatres located on the lower floors. Mr Lucas Chow, MediaCorp CEO, says, “The 19-hectare Mediapolis was designed to be the media focal point for Singapore and MediaCorp is proud to be a pioneer and an anchor tenant in this exciting development. There are significant benefits for MediaCorp to relocate to Mediapolis and we look forward to playing a catalytic role in attracting new and foreign media players to Mediapolis. As Southeast Asia’s largest producer of English and Mandarin content MediaCorp can play a queen bee role and generate a consistent and significant pipeline of projects for service providers. The entire value chain can be built organically which will, in turn, sustain the Mediapolis ecosystem comprising media and media-related companies”. Mr Aubeck Kam, Media Development Authority CEO, says, “When fully completed by 2020, Mediapolis@one-north will have state-of-the-art media facilities capable of supporting the entire media eco-system from production, financing, distribution to trade. MediaCorp’s relocation will allow the company to leverage on the advanced infrastructure of Mediapolis@one-north to deliver content in more exciting ways and beyond TV as we know it today,” “JTC is delighted that MediaCorp has chosen Mediapolis as their new home. Master-planned and developed by JTC, Mediapolis@one-north is positioned to be the key location for media-related activities in Singapore” says Mr Manohar Khiatani, JTC’s CEO. “We are confident that MediaCorp will benefit from being located at Mediapolis. At the same time, MediaCorp’s presence will substantially strengthen the media ecosystem at Mediapolis and help propel Singapore’s media industry to the next level of growth.” The move to Mediapolis will be in phases and is expected to be completed by mid-2015.