Hong Kong – Celestial Pictures announced a strategic licensing agreement with Creative Technology Ltd, the worldwide leader in digital entertainment product for personal computers and the internet, to distribute 668 Shaw Brothers films and 500 hours of original TV dramas from Celestial Pictures on its portable viewing devices in Singapore. This ground-breaking deal marks a milestone for the distribution of Celestial’s Shaw Brothers Film Library as a substantial selection of these cinematic gems will be made available for full-length download via a portable media platform for the first time. Under the agreement, Creative has licensed the non-exclusive digital download rights as well as internet download-to-own rights to release an extensive range of films covering multiple genres including The One-Armed Swordsman, Come Drink with Me, Vengeance, The Heroic Ones, as well as Celestial’s TV dramas such as Empress Feng of the Northern Wei Dynasty, Silent Tears and Let’s Dance. “We are very excited to partner with Creative to create a unique portable entertainment experience,” said Ross Pollack, chief executive officer, Celestial Pictures. “Our partnership with Creative marks a revolutionary step forward for the legendary Shaw Brothers Film Library. The Library’s distribution network has expanded onto a new digital platform with a partner known for its technology, large user base and strong branding. This partnership exemplifies our strategy of showcasing our content on different and new platforms to reach new audiences.”