Kuala Lumpur – Astro brought to Malaysia the first-ever 3D live telecast of the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa. Astro B.yond customers with 3D TV and subscribing to the Sports package were able to watch the 3D live telecast of the final match free on a temporary Astro Channel 830. Astro has reportedly seen a phenomenal increase in viewership both at home and out-of-home. Henry Tan, chief operating officer of Astro said, “I’m happy to note that viewers to date for the World Cup has increased by 41% since 2006 (from 3.8 mil in 2006 to 5.3 mil) with an additional 30% viewers watching the games ‘out-of-home’ in commercial outlets. The most watched match to date is the Germany vs Argentina match with over 1.93 mil viewers in the homes.”