Scottsdale, Arizona – The global pay TV market is dominated by Asia, according to a report by In-Stat, with China alone encompassing 26.3% of subscribers. The rest of the Asia-Pacific holds 22.3 percent of the pie, the research firm reported, followed by 15.3 percent in North America and 15.6 percent in Western Europe. “By 2012, there will be nearly 3/4 billion pay-TV subscribers worldwide,” In-Stat analyst Norm Bogen noted in a press release. “Asia will continue to represent over 50 percent of pay-TV subscribers through 2014 when we expect total subscribers to reach 855 million.” IPTV is showing the greatest growth, up 9.1% in the fourth quarter of 2009 to reach 33.3 million subscribers, a 46.1% year-on-year increase. Just under half of all IPTV subs were in Western and Eastern Europe in 2009. The total number of worldwide cable subs increased 4.4 percent in 2009. In-Stat also notes that the Asia Pacific will become the world’s largest satellite-TV market this year, overtaking North America. According to In-Stat, worldwide cable subscribers grew 4.4% in 2009. Moreover, the worldwide satellite subscribers are projected to reach a quarter billion by 2014. The regions of Asia Pacific and Latin America/Caribbean markets will show the greatest growth rate in satellite subscribers from 2009-2014. The report titled ‘4Q09 Pay-TV Subscribers’ studies the worldwide pay-TV subscriber market including cable (analog and digital), satellite (DTH), and IPTV for 4Q09.