Cannes – Singapore’s Media Development Authority (MDA) and South West Screen (SWS), the development agency for the film, TV and digital media industries in the South West of England, announced the cross-media projects to receive funding under the ‘Multi-Platform Content Across Continents’ initiative. Launched at last year’s Asia Television Forum in Singapore, the initiative is the first in a series of planned partnership projects between Singapore and the South West of England, building on the idea of ‘digital twinning’ between Bristol and Singapore. Supported by the United Kingdom Trade and Investment, the fund serves to encourage Singapore and British production and digital media companies to partner and co-develop concepts with multi-platform potential and cross-media elements. Eco Gone Mad, a factual entertainment series by Apostrophe Films (Singapore) and Junction K (UK), and iLand, an animation series by Scrawl Studios (Singapore) and Wonky Films (UK) have been selected as the first two winning projects who will receive a total of up to £50,000 in funding. Aimed at 6-12 year olds, iLand is a multi-platform animation experience comprised of a TV/online series, Flash games, mobile games and an interactive screen saver. Eco Gone Mad is a multi-platform TV and web format that injects a healthy dose of fun, inquisitiveness and scepticism into green. Eco Gone Mad is interested in finding out what works and what doesn’t, in the green debate, based on fact; facts that are proved or disproved in the course of the programme.