Singapore – The latest Synovate PAX survey sees BBC World News record its highest weekly and monthly figures since the survey began publishing quarterly results in 2002. BBC World News grew its monthly reach to 3 million across the region, up 13% to 20.7%, while weekly reach rose 14% to 1.5 million (10.7%). The channel’s daily reach also rose to 500,000, or 3.5% (a rise of 17%). The channel saw its weekly audience grow by more than 20% year-on-year in such diverse markets as India (+26%), Australia (+29%), Bangkok (+35%) and Singapore (+ 38%). It also increased its reach dramatically among frequent business travellers, with a massive 60% more now tuning in to the channel, while the number of senior government officials watching the channel rose by 34% to 21.9% weekly reach, more than any other news channel. The Synovate PAX study surveys pan-regional and local viewing, as well as product consumption, among affluent adults and business people in main cities in the Asia Pacific region. The latest survey covers up to the 4th quarter of 2009.