Cannes – China International Television Corporation (CITVC) and Televisa will break the boundaries of content production and distribution with a project whose success will change the landscape of the TV industry. CITVC and Televisa signed at Cannes a memorandum of understanding to jointly produce a telenovela in China that will be locally broadcasted and then distributed in Televisa’s main markets, especially Mexico and Latin America. It is the first time that both companies will develop such an ambitious cross cultural project for the world of the TV industry. Many stories are already being studied to find the most suitable one that will meet the expectations of this significant agreement for both companies that has the potential to reach a market of more than 2 billion people. With over 20 years of business relations, the last two years has been significant for both companies to strengthen their ties through content buying. CITVC recently sold Televisa its successful series Bruce Lee and CCTV just finished the broadcasting of Televisa’s telenovela Distilling Love. This time, both companies will take a step forward and combine their strength to jointly produce a telenovela with Chinese characteristics.