National Geographic Television International (NGTI) unveiled its key programme launches for MIPTV 2010. Leading the slate of 60 new hours is Albino United (1 x 52), a new title from National Geographic Television, with multi award-winning producer Nick Broomfield at the helm. Albino United looks at the persecution of albinos in Tanzania and one man’s attempts to educate and communicate to the masses through the medium of football. Key history launches include Machu Picchu Decoded (1 x 52), a programme which uses recent findings to create new explanations for how and why Machu Picchu was built, in the run up to the 100th anniversary of its discovery by Hiram Bingham in 2011. Vampires In Venice (1 x 52) is a fascinating, CSI-style investigation on a 400-year old skeleton, found in unusual circumstances. From the more recent past, NGTI presents Sonderkommando: The Living Dead Of Auschwitz, produced by Filip Media and Biokissfilm. The Sonderkommando were the young Jewish men forced to help the SS in the Nazi extermination camps of World War II. Natural history remains an important part of NGTI’s slate with new shows from both NGT and a range of leading independent producers. New partners include Road Media with Swamp Troop (1 x 52), a film that follows a troop of baboons in the Okavango Delta and Aquavision TV Productions with four wildlife programmes: Savuti: Predator Battleground; Lion Army; The Last Lioness and Mother Warthog – all 1 x 50. Science is also a full slate for this market. Lead programmes in this genre include Science For Future World Leaders: Nuclear Threat and Science For Future World Leaders: Emp Bomb.