Kuala Lumpur – As SingTel secured the EPL rights that they describe as ‘game-changing’, bidding for English Premier League soccer is reported to have gone to a second round in Malaysia, and for the region. In Malaysia, still in the running are Astro and Telekom Malaysia which, like SingTel, wants to boost subscriber numbers for its IPTV service in competition with dominant DTH operator Astro. But rights for Malaysia are currently with ESPN STAR Sports, as part of a pan-regional rights package. ESS then sells EPL content exclusively to Astro in that market. ESS is believed to have submitted a bid for Southeast Asia in the understanding that no other markets except Singapore would be carved out. A sports industry source said, “My understanding is that Singapore has been carved out, but this will be the only market. All other SEA markets will remain in a new regional grouping, and on an individual basis where they existed originally.” When asked about announcements on EPL rights in other countries in the region, an ESS source said news was expected anytime from 24 hours to 8 days. Another source said, “Disregard any theories on any further announcements. The BPL has issued the structure for the next round (taking place on Tuesday.) Singapore is out, every other country (excluding Japan) is still in play.”