Melbourne – According to Ovum, the mobile market in Malaysia will continue to mature, and players must adjust strategies accordingly. Nathan Burley, analyst suggests mobile operators focus on maintaining existing subscribers and growing customer spending, while continuing to meet individual customer requirements. Ovum believes that mobile broadband is the key area that will drive growth in the Malaysian market over the next few years – in which operators would be wise to invest. Mobile broadband is providing a new wave of growth in Malaysia. With limited fixed broadband options, wireless accounts for a significant proportion of broadband connections and will continue to do so, despite the government-sponsored fixed high-speed broadband (HSBB) initiative. As a result, mobile broadband is now the focus of 3G competition among the operators. “However, other wireless technologies such as WiMAX from operators such as Packet One are achieving strong broadband connection growth. We see significant growth potential for operators as they meet broadband demand in Malaysia,” adds Burley. Mobile population penetration in Malaysia passed 100 percent in March 2009, although due to multiple SIM ownership Ovum estimate real user penetration of closer to 75 percent. Ovum forecast total Malaysia mobile connections to reach 41.2 million by 2014.