Hong Kong/China/Wellington, New Zealand – Hong Kong-headquartered, satellite broadcaster, Phoenix Satellite Television launched the first of a comprehensive range of new and dynamic weather programmes from its state-of-the-art broadcast centre in Hong Kong. Developed and created using Weatherscape XT, Metra’s world-leading, TV weather graphics system, Phoenix will progressively introduce a complete range of new weather programming. The partnership with Phoenix marks the debut of Metra’s Weatherscape XT in the Chinese-language broadcast market. Metra is the commercial arm of the Meteorological Service of New Zealand Limited, and is a specialized provider of global weather services to media and commercial enterprises worldwide. Metra is a specialist provider of high quality weather content and services to global media companies. Metra’s Weatherscape XT is a fully-featured weather graphics system designed for delivering high-quality dynamic weather graphics for broadcast and non-broadcast platforms and is deployed at more than 50 locations worldwide.