Hong Kong – Spending on online advertising in Hong Kong peaked in 2008 at HK$208 million (US$26.8 million) in the fourth quarter, a 33 percent increase from the third quarter, contributing to a full year total spend of HK$724 million. The finance sector was the most advertised category online, accounting for 17 percent of total market spend, according to the latest AdRelevance report from Nielsen Online Hong Kong. As the report reveals, more than 1,000 advertisers in Hong Kong advertised online from October to December in 2008. The number of advertising campaigns increased by four percent from 2,948 in Q3 to 3,062 in Q4, indicating an increase in the number of online campaigns per advertiser. “The importance of online advertising is expected to grow in tandem with the popularity of the internet and in the current economic environment where advertisers are revisiting their media plans, the internet is becoming a more competitive platform for advertisers to effectively reach their target audience,” said Joseph Kam, commercial director, Nielsen Online, Hong Kong & Taiwan. By category, finance was the most advertised sector in cyber space, with total spending of HK$36.6 million in the fourth quarter of 2008, accounting for 17 percent of the total online advertising pie, surpassing computers & electrical (14 percent) as the most advertised category in the latest quarter. Taking third position was entertainment (11 percent), followed by health/pharmaceuticals (9 percent) in fourth place. Collectively, these four sectors make up half the total online advertising market in Hong Kong.