Hong Kong – NBC Universal’s SCI FI and Universal have landed on PCCW’s now TV, making Hong Kong the fourth market in the region to carry all four of the network’s channel brands (including Hallmark and KidsCo) – alongside Singapore, Thailand and Cambodia. This comes amidst mounting market speculation that the recession might have a ‘last in first out’ impact – with later entrants like NBC U being the most vulnerable. Rumours were rife that the Global Networks Singapore HQ was existing on a ‘week to week basis’, with parent NBC U’s commitment to international business believed to be on the wane. But managing director NBC Universal Global Networks Asia Pacific Raymund Miranda told Television Asia Plus that it’s very much “business as usual” at the network – with much having been achieved in only fourteen months of operation. He points to the facts that KidsCo is in eight markets, SCI FI in six, Universal in five and Hallmark in twenty – as well as having purchased a stake in NDTV in India. “NBC Universal has shown a willingness to invest when necessary, although there won’t be the same level of acquisition as last year. And being a later entrant, with such an experienced team, has its advantages such as what to avoid and not being blindsided.” Added Miranda, “NBC U’s commitment (to its international business) is very real, to any company that can show real growth as we have in this region.”