San Francisco – LiveJournal Inc., one of the world’s most respected community publishing platforms, announced that it has completed an advertising sales representative agreement with MediaCorp. Under the agreement, MediaCorp will be responsible for advertising sales and campaign delivery for LiveJournal advertisers in Singapore. LiveJournal has an audience in Singapore of just under 850,000 unique monthly users and serves around 35 million pages a month. The site is the third ranked blogging community and is a popular place for group-buying ‘sprees’ amongst young women. LiveJournal was one of the world’s first community blogging platforms and a leading social media brand. Since its launch in the US in 1999, it has registered more than 18 million accounts worldwide. The site allows users to set up their own virtual diary and communicate with friends by posting and receiving comments on each other’s entries. Under the terms of the agreement, MediaCorp becomes the exclusive re-seller of LiveJournal advertising inventory in the city state. LiveJournal’s existing sales force worldwide will be directed and managed by MediaCorp. The relationship is effective immediately.