Beijing – While the Olympics buoyed China’s advertising market to 15 percent growth in 2008, an abrupt slowdown in expected in 2009. According to Beijing-based TNS subsidiary CTR Market Research, advertising in China peaked at 441.3 billion yuan (US$64.5 billion) in 2008, thanks to a one-time boost from the Beijing Olympics. Tian Tao, vice president of CTR, is quoted as saying that a sudden pause in the Chinese advertising industry in 2009 is almost a sure bet, because pessimistic sentiment towards the macro-economy will take effect in 2009. Roughly three-quarters of total advertising spending went to television last year, while outdoor media saw a 10 percent decrease, hit by the government’s regulatory policies, reports Reuters. Major players in China’s outdoor advertising market include VisionChina Media Inc as well as Focus Media Ltd, which recently sold its digital out-of-home business to Sina Corp, a Chinese Internet news portal.