Cartoon Network will be launching TV animated series, Star Wars: The Clone Wars on 13 February 2009. Lucasfilm Animation re-imagined the look of ‘a galaxy far, far away’ for the all-new, weekly animated TV series. “We had to stay true to the spirit of Star Wars and the look that had been established in the movies,” said supervising director Dave Filoni. In addition to the unique design and meticulous attention to detail, Star Wars: The Clone Wars worked in a new way to conceive and produce stories on a weekly basis, said producer Catherine Winder. Story artists working on the series ‘sketched’ each scene using a computer program that allowed them to visualize the action in three dimensions. The result allows greater experimentation and offers the creative team unprecedented flexibility. “We can pre-visualize each shot like never before, which allows us to dive into the action and do things that, before this, were literally impossible,” said Filoni.