Caracol TV International will be attending NATPE with five new productions: Roman By 2 (40 X 1 hour) tells the story of Roman Muñoz who has been simultaneously married to two different women for 18 years. Neighbors (120 X 1 hour) is the story of Oscar, whose weaknesses are women and partying. Oscar’s neighbors want him far from their neighborhood. However, both Oscar’s and his neighbor’s life changes when he wins the lottery grand prize. Love Her To Death (120 X 1 hour) tells of how Manuela takes charge of the home when her husband, German abandons her and runs away with his lover. All Women Hate Bermudez (120 X 1 hour) is the story of how Arturo Bermudez, who is fond of making jokes at the expense of female co-workers learns to work under feminine authority, the value the opposite sex and love. Beautiful (80 X 1hour) tells the story of Monchi Maestre who wants to be a famous singer in a competitive artistic world. Maestre’s internal world is filled with fear, and his only ‘ointment’ is his music and his great talent for narrating through songs.