Herndon, VA/ Hong Kong – Cox Communications, the third largest cable provider in the US, and STAR announced the launch of three Indian television channels on Cox Communications’ digital cable platform in Northern Virginia. The launch represents STAR’s first cable distribution deal in the US, while also bolstering Cox Communications’ current lineup of Indian content for viewers across Northern Virginia, which has one of the largest South Asian populations in the US. Cox Communications’ South Asian viewers in Northern Virginia can now tune in to STAR India PLUS (channel 275), STAR ONE (channel 274) and STAR India GOLD (channel 276), one of India’s top Bollywood movie channels. Each channel is available with individual monthly subscriptions. “The deal with Cox Communications, which operates one of the nation’s leading cable platforms, is an important one because it represents STAR’s first opportunity to reach out to cable viewers in the US,” said David Wisnia, STAR’s senior vice president for distribution and sales and head of STAR’s North American and European offices. “We’re confident that South Asian cable subscribers in Northern Virginia will thoroughly enjoy the top rated comedies, drama series, reality shows and Bollywood blockbusters that these three channels showcase on a daily basis.”