Jakarta: P.T. Tri Digital Intermedia (3DI) took steps to establish itself as a premier film scanning and grading facility in Indonesia, confirming its order for 35mm and 16mm film scanning and grading systems. The Jakarta based facility ordered the Director 2K scanner from Lasergraphics, featuring both 35mm and 16mm gates. Images will be graded on the new R-series Resolve from da Vinci. The dpx. files from the scanner will be stored directly on BrightDrive, which has both online and near-line volumes. The Media Village of Singapore is the supplier and systems integrator for the project which commences operations on the 8th of August. “We are pleased to offer 3DI the latest technology from Lasergraphics, Bright Systems and da Vinci Systems,” said Patrick de Silva, director of Media Village. “3DI will offer customers from throughout the region quality film scanning and grading at affordable rates”, said Kris Irawan, company director of 3DI.