Tokyo – Toei Animation Co., Ltd. has licensed DVD distribution rights to its anime series One Piece to Dargaud-Lombard’s subsidiary Kana Home Video. Under the agreement, Kana Home Video has DVD distribution rights to the series’ first 143 episodes for France, French-speaking territories including Luxemburg, Switzerland, Monaco, Andorra, French Dom-Tom and dependences, Belgium as well as Netherlands. Toei Animation is currently revising the French dubbing with new voice castings to make the series more faithful to the original Japanese animation. One Piece (340×30’) follows the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy, a young admirer of pirates who mistakenly eats the Cursed Gum Gum Fruit to get a rubber body, and sets out to be king of the pirates in his quest to discover hidden treasure ‘One Piece’. The TV series was adapted from a Japanese comic of the same title by Eiichiro Oda. More than 340 episodes of One Piece have been aired since 1999 in Japan with new episodes still being produced. One Piece currently airs in more than 13 countries worldwide.