Singapore – SingTel’s mio TV will provide a ‘Same Day Premiere’ for Hong Kong star Eason Chan’s new movie The Pye-Dog on Jan 10 2008 at 10pm on Mei Ah Movies Channel (Channel 50) on the day it opens in Singapore cinemas. Available on mio TV in Mandarin or Cantonese languages with English subtitles, The Pye Dog is a suspense drama about three friends who turn out to be Yakuza and bodyguards on missions. Following the one-time only TV premiere of The Pye-Dog, Mei Ah Movies Channel will officially air the show on mio TV from Feb 7. The channel costs S$8.76 (US$6.05) per month for a one year subscription. “We see a huge potential to increase pay-TV penetration in Singapore by focusing on exclusive tie-ups with partners like Mei Ah where we offer ‘Same Day Premieres’ to cater to an audience that prefers to watch movies at home,” said Low Ka Hoe, SingTel’s Director of mio TV and Content. Mei Ah Movies Channel is Singapore’s first Cantonese movie channel that features Cantonese-only content between noon and midnight. There are plans to simultaneously premiere more movies on mio TV and in the cinemas, a ‘world first’ for mio TV. The channel currently broadcasts 24 hours daily and features new movies each month including Happy Birthday and Death Note parts 1 & 2, as well as upcoming shows including recently-released Warlords and John Woo’s Red Cliff which is still in the making. mio TV also offers Digital Video Recording (DVR) subscription which allows customers full control over access of the channel.