Los Angeles – Producer/writer/financier Mark Byers is immersed in a slew of film, TV and animation projects in Asia. Via his banner Quixotic, Byers has formed Upside Down Entertainment (UDE), a joint venture with Chan Gin Kai’s Singapore-based production company Upside Down Concepts. UDE is assembling an international coalition to finance two TV series, Asian Crisis Centre and Red Light, Black Light; both originated in Asia with predominantly Asian casts, shot in English for the international market. In addition, UDE is developing, co-financing, and co-producing two animated feature films with Kantana in Thailand, and developing an animated feature with producer Dawll Du at Hanwen Animation in Jiangsu, China. UDE has an exclusive arrangement for finance and production with Girish Malik’s Clapstem Productions in Mumbai for a number of film and TV projects in development. Separate from UDE, Byers is working with Arc Light Films in Taipei on an animated feature and companion animated TV series, Memory Loss, also for the international market; the lion’s share of the finance will come from the US. Byers’ slate also includes Little Gobie, an animated feature with director Tony Tang and his company T-Films in Hong Kong; Mermaid Island, a $50 million Chinese live action feature with producers Jiang Hongyu and Harrison Liang at Fontelysee Film and TV Media Co. Ltd. in Beijing; plus projects with Enlight Pictures and Global Entertainment in Beijing, and with MAP Media in Hong Kong. On top of all that, he’s created a joint-venture co-production company in China with Li Er Wei of Asia Entertainment Arts.