Chinese television stations are gearing up for the 2008 Beijing Olympics with ad spend expected to soar for a Games being held on home soil. The International Olympic Council has already predicted broadcast revenues for the Beijing Olympiad to cash in at US$1.7 billion – 14% up on the Athens-held 2004 Games. Although the Chinese advertising market has grown ‘calmly’ at only 12% for the first 5 months of 2007, China-based CTR Market Research expects the market to experience a ‘huge jump’ in growth from $US31.87 billion in television ad spend in 2006 in the months leading up to the sporting extravaganza and during the event itself. CTR, a joint venture company between CITVC (China International Television Corporation) and TNS (Taylor Nelson Sofres) specializing in research and intelligence, believes that a number of firms are delaying their expenditure of 2007 marketing budgets. This is to coincide with the Beijing Olympics in August 2008, and CTR expects some spend from 2009 allocations to be brought forward for the event – as well as new interest in new media advertising.