Sydney- ABC TV’s digital channel ABC2 is dedicating a weekly timeslot to Australian documentaries under the moniker A Place to Think, accompanied by a new website ( The initiative began on June 13 with the debut of Moving History, a 10-part series celebrating 60 years of Film Australia, features such titles as Cane Toads: An Unnatural History, Sadness, Rats in the Ranks, Leisure, and After Hours. The series also screens ABC and indie-produced documentaries such as Mike & Stefani, Three to Go: Michael, From the Tropics to the Snow, On Sacred Ground, A Matter of Manners, One Man’s War, Cyclone Tracy-Darwin, Christmas 1974, Saturday, War Without Weapons and Whatever Happened to Green Valley? Visitors to the A Place to Think website will have exclusive access to materials sourced for the Moving History documentaries by documentary producer John Hughes including a graphic history of Film Australia, newspaper articles, scripts, on-location photographs and production notes. The website also allows greater exploration of documentary filmmaking as well as enabling the inclusion of content such as additional video footage, detailed chronologies, documentary evidence, interviews and links.