Whether you agree with it or not, the importance of adult content simply can’t be ignored. Just ask Sony, whose refusal to let its Betamax video-cassette be used by the adult entertainment industry is seen as the largest contributory factor to their loss of that particular format war. As for the TV content industry, the old adage that ‘wherever adult content goes, TV content will follow’ still rings true. From VHS to VCD, from DVD to downloads; now VoD and mobile offer lucrative new opportunities to service the adult market. And if experiences in Europe are anything to go by, strong regulation of mobile erotica has actually been good for business. “Access controls, have been a huge a success here in Europe, with the UK leading the pack,” explains Julia Dimambro, the Spain-based Managing Director of Cherrysauce, voted ‘Best Adult Services Company 2006’ in the Mobile Entertainment Awards.