Ay Yapim’s first Turkish Drama Original

Ay Yapim releases new series, Phi and it is distributed worldwide by Eccho Rights.

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Stockholm and Istanbul – Ay Yapim have released a first look at their groundbreaking new series Phi. Created for the digital platform Puhu TV, it is the first Turkish Drama Original to be distributed worldwide by Eccho Rights. The series is based on the first in a trilogy of novels; Phi, Chi, Pi, by Azra Kohen, a million-seller in Turkey.

The first novel, Phi, is the basis for the first run of 20 episodes, and is to be followed by two more seasons based on the novels Chi and Pi. Producer Pelin Distas is leading the project, alongside Kerem Catay, CEO and Producer at Ay Yapim, and Director Mert Baykal (Magnificent Century, Kardesim Benim).


The A-list cast of Phi includes Serenay Sarıkaya (Medcezir, İkimizin Yerine), Ozan Güven (Magnificent Century, Annemin Yarasi, Pek Yakinda, Arog and Gora), Mehmet Günsur (Magnificent Century, Rosso İstanbul, Unutursam Fısılda, Hamam), Büsra Develi (Pretty Little Liars and Sweet Revenge) as well as Berrak Tüzünatac (The End, Ezel, Magnificent Century).


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