Globo series shines on social media spotlight

Dois Irmãos and Cidade dos Homens rank among the most commented premieres in Latin America, according to data from The Wit.

Globo India - A Love Story Rising Sun Total Dreamer


In January, two of Globo’s premiering series stood out among Brazilian social media users. Released in very early in the year, Dois Irmãos and Cidade dos Homens took audiences beyond the little screen and managed to rank among Latin America’s most commented productions on social networks, according to the renowned Social Wit List. With a fast-paced story line, Dois Irmãos hit fourth place on the list, totaling approximately 21,000 comments during its debut month. On the other hand, Cidade dos Homens spurred 11,000 comments, reaching eighth place in the ranking.


Produced by the Swiss company The Wit, the Social Wit List ranks the top ten most commented premieres in social media. The list has a dedicated Latin American version apart from the global list, providing a monthly compilation of the releases that generated most online buzz.

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