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Asian Television Awards honours KBS President & CEO Ko Dae-young Ko rose from a KBS TV reporter at the press room to the president suite as Korean Broadcasting System’s President and CEO. His calculated entrepreneurial spirit and remarkable business accomplishments have greatly influenced the growth of the entertainment industry throughout the region. KBS maintains its reputation as the nation’s most trusted source of news and information. Its high quality documentaries and especially its dramas have swept across the shores of almost every single country in the region, even increasingly beyond. KBS is currently investing heavily to lead the next-generation in television broadcasting and media services. It aims to become the world’s first to launch terrestrial UHDTV broadcasting. KBS Chief speaks to K. Dass.

Asian Television Awards KBS President Ko Dae-young

When you were appointed the President of KBS, what were the strengths of KBS that you wanted to build on? And in what areas did you feel changes needed to be made?


Ko: In May this year, we undertook the biggest-ever structural reform since the foundation. The change aims to further consolidate competitive edge of our content amid the fast-changing media environment. In order to manage our productions and resources more effectively, we separated the function of commissioning from genuine production process. As part of the restructure, we will focus on the development of new business and revenue streams. We believe the recent changes will help KBS achieve a more effective and efficient decisionmaking process. We will continue the improvement process and initiative particularly in three areas: human resources management, performance management and cost system. Korean content is globally renowned today.


How much of KBS content travel the world and what percentage of revenue does that contribute to the organisation?


Ko: In 2015, we exported our content to 46 countries (a running total of 80 countries). This contributes about 2% of our total revenue which is not a significant amount. We are basically operated on license fee income with added revenue from advertising. Our content has been exceptionally popular in places like Japan, China and the South East Asian countries as part of the Korean wave. More recently, we are expanding our export market to Europe, the Middle East and the U.S. We are especially, strengthening our presence in Turkey, Russia and other CIS countries as we have successfully exported hit series formats such as Autumn in My Heart and Full House. We will also develop an OTT platform and a pertinent business models as this global market is growing.


What are your plans to lead KBS further?                


Ko: In Korea, we have been named the most trusted and influential media organisation for quite a number of years. We are enjoying absolute affection and support from the public. Our future goal is to serve our audiences with more creative and unique content and lead the Korean wave. We will maintain our responsibilities as a public broadcaster and strengthen our mobile platforms and be ready to launch UHD broadcast service. We will be committed to manage reforms amid financial difficulties faced by terrestrial broadcasters. KBS is an eminent public broadcaster in Korea and we will strive to make distinctive content by fulfilling these goals


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